A series of my writings and photojournals.

Daylesford, Victoria

A trip into country Victoria, exploring Daylesford, Macedon and Trentham.

Lake Daylesford

National Bank of Australasia

A Precursor to NAB I assume?

Redbeard Bakery

A Bakery in Trentham that serves specialty artisan sourdough. Wasn't in the mood to eat bread, so expect no photos of bread.

Daylesford Hot Chocolate Company

Disgustingly sweet and thick hot chocolate, some in specialty flavours like \"Chilli and Cinnamon\".

Sizzler Restobar

The only Indian cuisine restaurant, owned by a local Sikh and manned by white locals - an odd sight for a city dweller like myself.

Double 88

Poor Chinese food, but again, the only choice in this town.

Sunday Market Musuem

Markets filled with mostly imported crap, some aromatherapy nonsense and some nice locally made produce.


A step back in time isn't always a good thing. Found this Golliwog in a small store in Trentham.

The Convent

A Church-turned-musuem-and-photo-gallery.

Infimiary atop of The Convent Musuem/Gallery/Church

Described as the perfect backdrop of many Instagram influencers, I did not stay long in this old disease-ridden, asbestos filled infimary.