A series of my writings and photojournals.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Gardening trip through New Zealand

Queenstown from Skyline Queenstown

View from Queenstown Hill Summit

A steep but generally trivial climb up Queenstown Hill. Overall took about an hour for me to climb up.

Top of Queenstown Hill Summit

Top of Queenstown Hill Summit

Top of Queenstown Hill Summit

Lake Wakatipu

Parkside run along Lake Wakatipu

Patagonia Ice Cream

No, not the one in South America


A nice relic from the past.

City Square

Filled with tourists, with a surprising nightlife? Didn't expect that.

Statue in Queenstown Garden

Sculpture of Dog in Queenstown Gardens

Memorial to Fallen WW1 Soldiers


An odd place for a graveyard, right across from the gondolas to take you up the mountain.

Gondola upto Queenstown Skyline

Inside the Gondola

NZD $46 for a return trip.

Luge Rides

High velocity luge rides down a subset of the mountain. Not my cuppa.

Paragliding off the mountain.

Also not my cuppa.