A series of my writings and photojournals.


My journey through university, from the choosing what to study, to choosing what to eat, join me on this photo-journey as I take you through three years of my university life.

Upper Campus of UNSW

A bit of a trek uphill from the Central to UNSW bus stop, and to be honest, I don't really remember having many reasons to come all the way up here.

Glenfield Station

Living in suburban Sydney affords me many luxuries, one of them not being a quick commute. Here I climb aboard a train for my daily hour-long commute to the city, getting off at Central station.

Sydney Trains M Set

The cream of the crop when it comes to Sydney Train's fleet of locomotives. Seats are movable, and there are two levels as well as a vestibule. However, you aren't always that lucky to get one of these air conditioned bad boys. Sometimes, you get stuck with a 1980's era tin-can, complete with no ventilation in 40 degree heat.

University Mall

The main pathway to *almost* all of UNSW, from Anzac Parade to about halfway across campus. On the left is Red Centre, which houses both the Math faculty, as well as Built Environment. On the right is Webster, which houses the Arts faculty.

Ainsworth Building

The mechanical engineering building, 5 floors tall, with a cafe on the ground floor, as well as a few lecture halls. Level 3 of this building however is filled with Computer Science labs, and is unaccessable for mechanical engineering students.

Coffee on Campus

Located on the bottom floor of the Mechanical/Computer Science building, Coffee on Campus is the go-to destination for students looking for a quick hit of caffeine, before heading back upstairs to hit the books.

K17 - The Computer Science Building

The actual computer science building, where all the CSE faculty and academics do their hard work in. There aren't too many computer science labs here, and its a little old, but still gets the job done. Inside you can find the amazing CSE student office, working tirelessly to answer many student queries, usually about things you can find online anyway, but massive props to them.

Level 3 of Ainsworth

The only floor of the Mechanical building that was filled with Computer Science labs, here is where I spent most of my university contact hours.

Sitar and Kora

A big part of my university life was tutoring *a lot* of computing courses. Most of my memories of uni are in these computer labs, helping students out with segmentation faults, misspelt variable names and memory leaks. And of course, having plenty of fun.


Being a tutor gave me exclusive access to the 'Chi' lab, a lab packed to the brim with iMac 21's. Usually used for UI/UX courses that only run in semester 2, during semester 1 it's always got the ragtag team of undergrad tutors.

Globe Lawn

Never really did much here, other than walk through it, but it's defintely a nice site. ENGSOC usually do their 'exclusive-to-engineering-students' weekly barbeque here, one that I wasn't invited to because I *technically* studied a science degree.


One of the weirdest parts of UNSW, mainly because there's really no pattern as to how the classrooms are arranged, and their corresponding numbers. But, at least there's a cool sundial thing. Never used it though to check the time, but nevertheless, very cool.

Law Building

Never really had any classes here, but they have nice toilets, and the law students get upset when non-law students use their libraries to study.

Red Centre

Although my degree was in Computer Science, I still did a couple of math courses here and there, for both core and electives, and they were all done here. It certainly isn't the nicest building on campus, but how much fancy tech gizmos do you really need to teach math?

Asian Fusion

One of the few restaurants in Quad, they serve primarily asian food (not really fused with anything else). It always got a weekly purchase from me.

Max Brenner & Guzman

Actual franchises of major restuarant chains are also on campus. Although I've only been to Max Brenner once (for this photo actually, you can see some of my mates sitting down), Guzman is definitely on the top of the list of what restuarants I frequented the most.

Chemist at Quad

My go-to destination for cheap drinks, and my drink of choice? Coconut water. I have no idea how, but the prices on soft / niche Japanese drinks is so insanely low, I really don't know how they stay in business. They also sell medicine.

Grand Concourse at Central Station

End of the day, ready for the hour long journey back home. This here is the Grand Concourse, one of many different entrances to Central, but definitely the most beautiful.