A series of my writings and photojournals.

Oxford, United Kingdom

A day trip to the famed university town. Not too long of a train ride out of London, and not too expensive either.

Radcliffe Camera and St Mary's Cathedral

Train to Cambridge

Booked a ticket last minute on trainline on the GWR. Surprisingly affordable, and surprisingly empty. The train was equipped with power points at every seat, and a very nice bathroom at the nd of each carriage.

The Royal Oxford Hotel

Two minutes away from the city centre, the Royal Oxford Hotel has some pretty nice and spacious rooms. Being the stingy boy I am, I didn't stay the night, so don't expect any photos of the insides.

St Aldgates Corner

Christ Church War Memorial Garden

In memory of members of Christ Church who fought in the First World War. Walking further along leads to the Christ Church Meadows, and further north is the Tom Tower.

Sign on the War Memorial Garden

Christ Church Meadows

Bounded by the River Thames (yes, the dingy, brown river in London), lies Christ Church Meadows, a popular picnic and walking spot.

Entrance to the Christ Churck War Memorial

River Thames

Stretching all the way from London, here is another fantastically edited shot of the River Thames. Kayaking teams can be seen here, training, although I have yet to spot a fisherman like I have back in London.

Quiant Oxford Street

Mound at Oxford Castle

Apparently an entirely man made endeavour, the Mound is a somewhat tall, well, mound. Costing a mere 3 quid to get in, the climb was not steep, nor tiring. It's just a mound I guess?

View from the Mound

The view however is fantastic, although be careful not to roll off.

Carfax Tower

A steep climb up a narrow set of stairs (so narrow that only one person can fit in), Carfax Tower gives an amazing view of the Oxford city centre. It's all that remains of a 12th century Church, and for a fair part of its life, was the official church of Oxford.

View from Carfax Tower

Christ Church

Now that its finally 10am, and the church courtyards have finally opened to tourists, I head back to Christ Church, pay up (because this is the UK, where nothing is free).

Tom Quad and Tom Tower

Named after its bell, Tom Tower is the main entrance of Christ Church, which leads to Tom Quad.

Dining Hall in Oxford University

Meadows in Oxford University

Some Church

Honestly can't remember what this was.

Punting by the River

Near Magdalen Bridge Boathouse, you can hire a traditional Oxford punt, rowing boat or pedalo and enjoy cruising along Oxford's stunning River Cherwell.

Musuem jjjjj


Botanical Gardens

Everything in Oxford has an entry fee. And being the cheapskate I am, I jumped up, snapped a photo over the hedges, and called it a day.

St Mary's Cathedral

The official church of Oxford University, this church comes equipped with all your Bible loving needs.

St Mary's Cathedral

They sure love Jesus here.

View from the top of St Mary's Cathedral

Another 4 quid and a gruelling 300 step climb up yet another staircase wide enough to fit a single person, I'm presented with a beautiful view of the city.

Radcliffe Camera

Taken from the top of St Mary's, Radcliffe Camera ("camera" being Latin for "room"), is a neo classical piece of architecture from the late 1700's. Funded with the estate of a John Radcliffe, it hosts a wide range of scientific literature.

Another view from St Mary's Cathedral